Strategic Education Alliance

The Strategic Education Alliance (SEA) between the Municipal Finance Authority of BC (MFA) and GFOABC recognizes, acknowledges, and honours a longstanding and unique relationship shared by the two organizations over the past 30 years. This relationship is grounded by a shared local government membership-base and a common mandate to support this base through finance-related education. 

As one of two founding members, MFA was instrumental in the creation of GFOABC in 1989, and since that time has held a permanent place in its governance structure as a member of the Board of Directors, playing an important role in shaping the vision, mission, and mandate of the Association.

The SEA is underpinned by the significant amount of direct and indirect support provided by MFA in the development and delivery of GFOABC programming, including most notably, Boot Camp. It was the efforts of GFOABC, MFA and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs that brought Boot Camp to life in 2007. Boot camp continues to exemplify the value of our relationship and the power of this new partnership.

“Through the Strategic Education Alliance, the MFA has increased its financial contribution to GFOABC by 200% in the last 5 years. This increased funding demonstrates our commitment to support our sector, where BC Local government financial well-being is our ONLY business.”

Renata Hale, Director of Technology & Strategy, MFA

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MFA remains committed to the provision of education focused on finance and business best practices for clients and refer to this as the ‘third pillar’ alongside MFA's lending and investment programs. This practice builds financial and operational strength for clients. This is a keyway the MFA differentiates itself from for-profit competitors and demonstrates its value for BC local governments. MFA believes it is more important than ever to support these organizations as they adapt and support their own member communities.

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