Classroom Education

A firm supporter of education, the MFA continues to provide opportunities to our clients to increase their knowledge of debt and investing and how working with the MFA can help them achieve their local government’s financial goals.

The MFA believes strongly in working with BC communities so that they remain financially healthy organizations. In early 2011, the MFA sponsored the GFOA to write a Long Term Financial Planning Course (LTFP).   The goal of the LTFP course was to help clients chart the way to financial sustainability.  The concern has always been that the annual budget process often fails to consider the long term implications of decisions. By integrating strategic planning, asset management and budgeting LTFP can garner elected official and public support in building a financially healthy organization. LTFP provides a systematic review of the environment and trends occurring to identify problems and opportunities within an organization. The pilot for the course was held in August 2011 and consisted of 21 modules delivered over three full days. Future delivery of the modules include seperate full day modules that incorporate the Five Pillars of LTFP and introduce case studies and tools that can be used to form the foundation for implementing LTFP.  For more information on future offerings of the LTFP course contact the GFOA.

Tools / Resources

Find amortization schedules and historical rates.

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Credit Reports

Every year the MFA presents to 3 credit rating agencies to access the lowest rate possible for our clients.  Here are their findings.

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