Commercial Paper

Program Size:               $1.25 billion authorized 

Market Presence:          Weekly - each Wednesday

Average Issuance:         

  • Term                 35 days and 91 days available
  • Amount             $100 - $150 million

Security:                       Backstopped by three Canadian Chartered Banks


In 2003, the Municipal Finance Authority of BC started raising capital for its short-term funding programs through the issuance of commercial paper in the Canadian money market. Prior to this, money was raised through chartered banks but was considered more expensive than issuing securities under the MFA’s own name. With MFA participating in the market weekly, investors have access to high quality investments that are liquid and fully supported by a large dealer network. 

MFA Commercial Paper provides the investor with an unique investment that is provincial in nature while offering a municipal yield.

Tools / Resources

Find amortization schedules and historical rates.

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Credit Reports

Every year the MFA presents to 3 credit rating agencies to access the lowest rate possible for our clients.  Here are their findings.

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