Applying for a Short Term Loan

Choose the appropriate "Application Form" by client type.  Application Forms can be found under the Short Term Borrowing section of the MFA website.

Complete the "Application Form" by choosing the applicable loan type you are requesting.  Prepare all the necessary documentation that is required based on this loan type.  Submit the paperwork in one document via email.

Using your online access, under Interim Financing, complete the Short Term Loan Application request. (This part is still under construction but will be available soon).  This will notify us that we should be expecting a completed application from you shortly.  Currently you will still be required to submit your completed application and documentation by email.

When the loan has been approved you will receive a Loan Agreement and a Promissory Note via email.  Once the signed documents have been returned you can access funding by completing a "Request for Advance" form and email us.

Once your loan is funded, you will be emailed a confirmation that the money has been sent and the starting loan rate for the day of the advance.

Tools / Resources

Find status of loans, issue highlights, amortization schedules and historical rates.

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Credit Reports

Every year the MFA presents to 3 credit rating agencies to access the lowest rate possible for our clients.  Here are their findings.

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Annual Reports