Long-Term Borrowing - Fixed Rate - 5 to 30 years

10 year loan rate 3.39%

Short-Term Financing - Floating Daily Rate - up to 5 years

Current rate 2.43250 

 Historical rates

Equipment Financing - Floating Daily Rate - up to 25 years

Current rate 2.43250%  

Historical rates

Pooled Investments

Money Market Fund - $10.000 / unit

Intermediate Fund - $9.6774 / unit

Bond Fund - $9.6223 / unit

Performance Results

Pooled High Interest Savings Account

CIBC 2.21% (effective Jul 12/18)

National Bank of Canada 2.27% (effective Jul 12/18)


What's New?

NEW: Important changes to the Municipal Investment Plan with Sun Life - Effective November 1, 2018:

Check out the Municipal Investment Plan page for more information

NEW: Spring 2019 LT Debt Issue - deadline to apply for a Certificate of Approval for a Security Issuing Bylaw is February 15, 2019. See memo for further details.

MFA Pooled High Interest Savings Accounts: National Bank of Canada 2.27%.; CIBC 2.21%.  See the program page or email us for more information.

Vehicles formerly leased through MFA Leasing Corp, must now be insured/registered in your organization's name.  Check your records as the MFA Leasing Corp. is closing. 

Excellence in Local Government is a collaborative effort by the organizations that support BC Local Governments to provide an overview of their mandates and services.

Change in Issue Proceeds disbursement process: RD & RHD notice, Municipal notice.

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BCMFA Credit Ratings

  • Moody's: Aaa "Stable"
  • Fitch: AAA "Stable"
  • Standard & Poor's: AAA "Stable"

Short Term Ratings

  • Moody's: P-1
  • Standard & Poor's: A-1+

Bond Rate - 10 year












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