Pooled Investments

The Municipal Finance Authority of BC offers access to three fixed income investment portfolios to help make the most of your investment needs:

Money Market Fund – for investment of less than one year
Intermediate Fund – for investments from one to three years
Bond Fund – for investments of more than three years

*** Please read this Memorandum regarding changes to the record-keeping and valuation methodology of our Funds effective May 30, 2016***

Read here for information on our current position on fossil-fuel divestiture.

UBCM Primer on Fossil Fuel Divestment

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Funds are pooled, invested in high quality products, and managed independently by Phillips, Hager & North, Ltd. Using the MFA’s program to pool investments provides numerous benefits including:

  • Earning competitive net returns,
  • Maintaining easy access to your money – within one business day for Money Market Fund, and three to four business days for the Bond Fund and Intermediate Fund,
  • Simple, quick transactions by email and phone,
  • Ability to set up multiple accounts to segregate reserves or project funds,
  • Receiving weekly and monthly reporting,
  • Free redemptions, subscriptions, and transfers,
  • Allows you to outsource short term investment.

The program is available to the following organization types:

  • Municipalities
  • Regional Districts
  • Regional Hospital Districts
  • E-Comm, CREST
  • Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District
  • Greater Vancouver Water District
  • South Coast BC Transportation Authority (TransLink)
  • Universities, Colleges, and School Districts
  • First Nations
  • Improvement Districts and municipal organizations

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